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Do Patents Stimulate or Hinder Inventions?

When we discuss the ethics of patents, and whether patents are justified, we need to realize that the goal of the patent system is to give inventors the incentive to publish their patents, to allow for patents that would otherwise stay a secret, to become widely known. and therefor bringing about a faster advancement of technology.

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Early Registration Available for Univenture2015

The Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University is proud to host Univenture2105, a workshop where academics and practitioners reflect and discuss the future of universities’ roles in a rapidly evolving world. The workshop will aim to create an initial understanding of the changing traditional roles of universities in view of the changes in the world of venture, and to trigger the thinking and discussion needed to further evolve this understanding after the workshop. Visit our event website for a detailed program and speaker bios.

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How Much Does Venture Capital Drive the U.S. Economy?

In an article published by the Graduate School of Stanford Business, two scholars measure the economic impact of VC-funded companies on the United States economy. They explore some of the most innovative and important companies of our time, such as Apple, Google and Microsoft and ask how important are these and other VC-backed companies to the U.S.

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