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Beyond Laissez-faire in Hong Kong: The Visible Hand Should Lead the Invisible Land

By the 1990s, Hong Kong’s policy-makers felt that local entrepreneurs would need more than an enabling regulatory environment in order to compete in the global market. To bolster the local venture ecosystem, they launched a series of early-stage funding initiatives and created Cyberport and a Science Park. This may seem like government doing to much, in fact we claim it is too little.

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Yelites Association Limited and CIV to embark on a Venture Ecosystem Tour

As part of CIV2015HK: The Future of Venture, Yelites Association Limited and CIV are organizing a Hong Kong Venture Ecosystem Bus Tour on Saturday, Nov-07. It is a unique opportunity to explore innovative institutions and companies in Hong Kong, with exclusive access to their key thought leaders. Some key stops will include Government related agencies, new start-ups, venture capitalists, etc.

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CIVs History of Venture Timeline at CIV2015HK

The Coller Institute of Venture History of Venture (CIVHOV) database is at the core of the institute’s History research strand (other strands being Deep Innovation, University Venture, and Policy), which is led by Prof. Eli Talmor. Arguably, it is the first effort in venture research that aims to build and maintain a database of key related events. The study of history in itself is valuable in any domain, if only because of the adage, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Certainly in an evolving field like venture, history can provide ideas, lessons, and caveats.

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