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Is Timing everything?

把握时机最重要?Bill Gross is tpost-ted-gross2he founder of Idealab, an incubator of new inventions, ideas and businesses. In his TED Talk entitled, The Single Biggest Reason Startups Succeed, Mr. Gross asks which factors matter the most for a company to succeed.

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A more effective Venture ecosystem: the case for making America more entrepreneurial

更有效的企业生态系统——让美国更具创业精神 “Americans have long believed in the importance of entrepreneurs to the health of our economy. We see ourselves as risk-takers and innovators. Today more than ever, the entrepreneur is celebrated, failure is accepted as a cost of doing business, and starting your own company is seen as a path to achieving the American Dream. Although it’s difficult to measure directly, entrepreneurship is understood to be a way to a middle class life. In an economy where traditional manufacturing jobs have gone offshore, and globalization and technology have put pressure on U.S. wages, small businesses may be an even more critical pathway than ever to mobility and opportunity – not just for the business owner, but also for those who fill the jobs that business creates.

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