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EVCA Venture Capital Forum – Key Takeaways

EVCA风险投资论坛 The Venture Capital Forum was very well attended with almost a third more participants than last year. In honour of the forum, Coller Institute of Venture and EVCA created a special edition of Coller Venture Review Issue 1, which was made available to all participants. This publication can be viewed here.

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3 Ways VCs Can Add Value to Your Startup Beyond the Cash

风投为初创公司带来的不只是钱 For entrepreneurs who didn't choose a VC for their startups, they always put it this way, "the only value VCs add to a company is money", and this was confirmed by Sam Hogg in his recent post in Entrepreneur as well. However, he points out

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The World Is Facing A Global Job Crisis

世界面临就业难题 In July, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report entitled An Uneven Global Recovery Continues. In the report, current economic situations have been described in four different aspects.

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