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University Venture: The View From Stanford

高校创业:撕单福大学的观点 "This is not about making money, it is about entrepreneurship, about moving the technology from the university to industry as efficiently and effectively as possible," says Katharine Ku, Executive Director of the Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing, in an interview to Vladi Dvoyris, Director of Community at CIV. Ms. Ku, leading the Stanford OTL for the past 26 years, will be speaking at the CIV2017HK conference in Hong Kong.

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$12,000 Distributed in CIV 2017 Venture Research Awards

CIV2017颁奖了12000美金风险投资研究的奖金 Tel Aviv, Israel – CIV’s research awards aim to encourage and celebrate academic research in the field of venture with the goal of making a significant contribution to understanding and shaping the venture ecosystem. These awards and the Institute may provide the winners with a unique platform to discuss and disseminate their work, including participation in our future events.

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The Silicon Dragon Forum on the China-Israel-US Tech Triangle Held in Tel Aviv

“硅谷之龙” (Silicon Dragon) 在特拉维夫举行中以美三角 技术关系的讨论会 Israeli and Chinese venture capitalists, investors and entrepreneurs met yesterday at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange for the Silicon Dragon Forum, to discuss the China-Israel-US tech triangle and the increasing role of VCs in the Chinese innovation ecosystem. Among the panelists attending and speaking at the forum were representatives of prominent VCs and angels, corporates (Baidu and IBM), and dealmakers.

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First Call for Research Ideas on Venture Financing


第一通知关于创业融资研究思路 We are interested in your input for where we should take this strand:

  • Which research directions are interesting? What is new and trending in this space?
  • What funding models should we include?
  • Who are the key experts we should approach?
  • Do you have a paper to propose to our issue?
  • Do you wish to stay informed and interact with us as things come together?

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