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Carlyle Africa sails to $700m

凯雷集团非洲地区 七亿美金起航 Carlyle’s maiden Africa-focused fund will reach $700 million by 2013 year-end, as it races towards its final close in the first quarter of 2014.

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Google’s creative destruction

在创新与投资间破旧立新 谷歌旗下的谷歌风投 Venture Capital firms have been the engine of the United States' innovation economy. At Google Ventures, the search giant's investing arm, Google thinks it can build a better one.

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Europe’s hottest startup capitals: Tel Aviv

欧洲最热门的创业之都:特拉维夫 Among the ten cities, Tel Aviv ranked No. 1. Followings are the 10 companies causing the greatest buzz, according to the local commentators, investors and entrepreneurs we surveyed.

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