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CIV: Announcing the 2016Q1 Release of Coller Venture Review Issue #3 – Deep Innovation

January 24, 2016


Dear friend,

I am proud to announce the release of CIV’s third issue of Coller Venture Review, dedicated to Deep Innovation.We define Deep Innovation as inventions that are enabled by basic research or a scientific breakthrough. Unlike what we see in the ubiquitous Internet/Cyber/IT startups, Deep Innovation Venture usually entails substantial resources ($5-100M), and may take years (5-20) to materialize.

The issue includes ten articles that range from Nanotechnology to Food Tech and from Pharma to Materials Science. The authors come from varied backgrounds such as academia, industry and venture capital. Between them they share lessons learned, which can also inform and enlighten readers from other fields.

We look forward to engaging with you in the Coller Institute of Venture community. Join us as we design the future of venture!

Best regards,

Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan, Executive Director
Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University


Deep Innovation solving humanity's big problems needs more commitment

The introductory article to the issue introduces the class of heavy duty ventures we term “Deep Innovation”: those that are enabled by basic research or a scientific breakthrough, and that  usually require substantial resources and 5–20 years to materialize as a commercial success – if they do at all. These innovations often solve big problems that can transform our world, but they are thwarted by a number of obstacles, some financial, other organizational and cultural. This article details the challenges and points out that “…at the end of the day, the solution for enabling Deep Innovation is commitment – more commitment. Commitment from the players. Time commitment. Commitment to high-risk tolerance. Commitment to invest capital…”

Read more and download paper »


Deep Innovation a la TAU Nanotech centerThis article by Prof. Yael Hanein, the vital force behind Tel Aviv University’s Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, provides insight into a successful resolution of a major problem with Deep Innovation in academia. Between the required massive investment in infrastructure, the gap between academic mores and the needs of industry, and the necessity for multidisciplinary collaboration, it is very difficult to make university nanotech research cross the chasm into commercial relevance. The TAU Nano Center is a vibrant hub of research and cooperation that has already spun off multiple successful ventures, because it has found solutions to all these challenges; among other things, it has instilled “a ‘Nano Culture’ among the many researchers working in its facility… [which] consists of a mindset and day-to-day interactions that encourage the sharing and exchanging of views between researchers and students from diverse academic backgrounds”…

Read more and download paper »


Deep Innovation in the Medical domain a la boston's cimit

Today’s Healthcare field is facing major crises, including the aging of the population, the need to increase access for all to the best standard of care, and societal imperatives to contain healthcare-related costs. Unfortunately there are many challenges to innovation in this domain.

This article showcases CIMIT, the Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation & Technology, a Boston-based cooperation of universities and hospitals whose meticulously constructed suite of integrated methods and processes implements a solution to this difficult state of affairs. Referred to collectively as the CIMIT Model, the methodology described in the article is able to find, fund, and facilitate collaborations across disciplines and geographic regions that successfully drive innovative solutions to unmet medical needs from concept to patient care. Given the model’s effectiveness, CIMIT is now building on its success in the US to link hubs of medical innovation across the world into a network of consortia to address important regional healthcare imperatives…

Read more and download paper »


Deep Innovation and Brain Ventures

The gap is alarming: while “The plague of the 21st century is rooted in the brain. Nearly 100 million Americans suffer from CNS disorders, resulting in an annual economic cost of over $760 billion”, we read that “six of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies have sharply reduced their CNS-targeted drug development efforts”.

Dr. Bar-On’s  article deals with the unique challenges of the brain field and the obstacles that have so far led to the situation where we have no cure or disease-modifying therapy for any brain disorder, and as a consequence massive abandonment of the field by big pharma firms. The paper discusses new initiatives and innovation models set to bring back industry, government and academia into the complex game of Neuroscience, working together to advance the field and get the search for desperately needed cures back on track…

Read more and download paper »


Deep Innovation and pharamaceutical ventures

While there is no doubt about the benefit to humanity of pharmaceutical innovation, it remains a fact that new medicines are notoriously difficult to get into the hands of the people that need them so badly. Mr. Waisbourd, a vice president in the R&D division of a world leading pharma company, focuses in this article on what he terms “The Valley of Death”, the gap between academia and industry where many promising ideas get lost. The article takes us through the stages of the long journey from innovative idea to approved medicine, and looks in detail at the economic and organizational constraints that can break that journey during the Translational Research phases of Discovery and Preclinical development. It then exposes a number of potential solutions to this issue, some driven by the industry, some by governments, others by private foundations.

As the author points out, “Using the initiatives described here, scores of promising new medicines may be able to successfully cross the difficult Valley of Death chasm”. But much remains to be done, he cautions:  “Although all of these efforts are steps in the right direction, there is still no ‘magic bullet’ until fundamental changes are made to the intrinsic economics of translational research”…

Read more and download paper »


Deep Innovation with Graphene Technologies

This article takes an original approach to examine corporate strategies related to the creation, recombination and integration of the scientific and technological knowledge that enables them to pursue Deep Innovation in the exciting new field of Graphene nanotechnology. The authors analyzed the patent portfolios of 14 leading firms, and characterized them according to the origins and nature of the knowledge they embody, notably differentiating scientific and technological sources. The interplay between scientific and technological knowledge bases plays a key role in determining the innovativeness of these firms; and in fact the authors  found remarkable differences in the strategies of different firms, reflecting a different ability to develop deep Graphene-related innovations…

Read more and download paper »


Deep Innovation in Water Ventures

A commonly held perception is that one can’t make a profit from ventures in the water domain. Mr. Wiesner, the author of this article, begs to differ, bringing his considerable experience to look at both sides of this issue. He outlines the unique issues besetting Water as an investment domain, which stem from the general perception of water as a “free” resource, massive capital requirements, heavy regulation and more. He then explains how, despite these obstacles, water is poised to become a major field of venture in coming years. The increasing global need for water and the droughts that thwart it lead to many new opportunities for innovative companies that work on control, monitoring, desalination, reclamation and waste water management. The demand for innovation in this space is also linked to the emergence of Smart Cities and the smart water network technologies they require, and to the water-energy nexus – the close link of water and energy production projects.

As the article concludes, “water is on its way to becoming one of the main focus areas of corporate investors in the Clean-Tech space, offering a clear promise for meaningful and profitable investments”…

Read more and download paper »


Deep Innovation in food venturesBecause food production is seldom thought of as an area of innovation, this article is a real eye opener. Over the past decades, food technology has made food plentiful and affordable. Yet this paradigm is heading for a crisis, because – as people are increasingly noticing – this bounty has come with significant hidden costs to the public’s health, social equity, animal welfare and the planet’s natural environment. The article presents the birth of a group of companies re-inventing the way we think about food through revolutionary innovative technology. By applying learnings from biotechnology and medical science, data and food science, they are working to displace entire categories of food as we know them today. For example, there is a race on to produce meat that never saw an animal yet replicates the sensory experience of the food  we know, at an affordable price, without harming the Earth’s ecosystem…

Read more and download paper »


Deep Innovation with Irrigation Technologies

Making more with less is an attractive goal in any area, but nowhere does it solve a more critical need than in agriculture. Netafim’s slogan “Grow more with less” refers to more crop output with less water – an equation that can mean life or starvation to millions of people in a world of growing population and increasingly scarce water resources.

This article describes the story of Netafim, a company that began with one man’s idea – the concept of drip irrigation – and became a world leader in irrigation solutions. This impressive success story required not only a constant focus on technological innovation but also a strategy of collaboration with both end users and influential organizations that have access to them. Given the conservative nature of the farming population, there is much to learn from how Netafim managed to penetrate this market with it novel products…

Read more and download paper »


The Challenges of Deep Innovation From American Academia to the marketplace

This policy case study examines the strategies applied by the U.S. government, through its science funding agencies, to enable the development of new technologies or products based on scientific discoveries in U.S. Academic institutions. This has been a long standing challenge, with the time to market of many academic discoveries being as long as 20 years, and many of them never making it across the “valley of death” at all. Recognizing this challenge, the U.S.  National Science Foundation (NSF) has developed new programs with a specific objective of shortening the transition.

This article describes traditional and new U.S. NSF programs, including the SBIR and I-CORP programs, which aim to spur economic development based on basic science and engineering discoveries. The article also describes the challenges faced by U.S. academic institutions and commercial organizations during the process of technology or products development, for example, intellectual property protection and potential conflicts of interest. Finally, the importance of innovation education in facilitating the transition from basic science discovery to product development is highlighted…

Read more and download paper »

CIV: 2015 Summary &  Welcome 2016

January 4, 2016


Dear CIV friends,

Let us welcome 2016! We are dedicating CIV’s December Update to reflect on the year’s accomplishments, and initial plans for 2016. In 2015 we experienced a substantial growth in our CIV Community, and had the opportunity to engage with you through our publications and events.

We are looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for the global venture ecosystem. Stay tuned to find out what events, research strands and publications are lined up for the new year.

Coller Venture Review Issue 2 was published in May 2015 and is devoted to the History of Venture.

The issue presents six articles that explore venture’s historical developments in various thematic and geographical contexts. The issue includes the History of Venture (CIVHOV) Database, which outlines a century of compelling events that impacted the world. Additional article topics include:

– Corporate venture capital
– The nature of asset price bubbles
– What Apple’s patent filings tell us about its success
– The evolution of Venture in China and the Baltics
On November 6-7, 2015 we held CIV2015HK: The Future of Venture, an international conference where academics and practitioners discussed the future of venture. The event was co-organized by Cyberport at their Hong Kong facilities. The conference included the following events:

On Nov-6 we held the main plenary including 16 speakers, and 2 panels. The sessions were followed by a Cocktail Reception & 2015 CIV Award Ceremony. On Nov-7 we conducted the following events:
– Information Office Innovation Workshop
– Venture Research Workshop
– Hong Kong Venture Ecosystem Bus Tour

On September 1, 2015, CIV awarded three 2015 Coller Awards;

Grand Prize: Prof. Mark Humphery-Jenner; Jerry Cao; Jo-Ann Suchard – “Government Ownership and Venture Performance in from China” US$5,000

Runner-up Award: Prof. Gang Hu; Chaopeng Wu; Thomas J. Chemmanur “High Differentiation and Low Standardization: The Role of Venture Capitalists in Transforming the Governance and Management of Family Firms” US$1000

Runner-up Award: Dr. Xiru Zhang, Prof. Waverly Ding, Prof. Jiangyong Lu, “Does Government-Sponsored Venture Capital Investment Crowd In Private Investment? Evidence from China” US$1000

Stay tuned for our 2016 Awards

The History of Venture Timeline was published in June 2015 and is a graphic illustration of the History of Venture (CIVHOV) Database.

Arguably, it is the first effort in venture research that aims to build and maintain a database of key related events. CIVHOV outlines a century of compelling events that impacted not only the world of venture, but the world as we know it.

The database incorporates entries from the entire venture ecosystem and is the core of the institute’s History Research Strand.




After careful consideration of over 60 proposals, four research groups were granted a sum of $15,000 each to pursue innovative research directions that are sure to evolve our understanding of the venture ecosystem. Winners will be announced January 2016.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 Coller Grantsand stay tuned for 2016 Coller Grants.



On December 16, 2015 we held Univenture2015: Workshop & Insight Sharing Symposium, where leading academics and practitioners addressed the future of universities’ roles in a rapidly evolving world.

With 5 workshop teams and 17 speakers from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, the conference generated substantial dialogue and ideas.

Thanks to our thought provoking speakers, panel discussions, and workshop teams, we generated ideas to serve CIV’s next research strand, University Venture.


Coller Venture Review Issue 3 will be released for broad distribution in January 2016.

Issue 3 is devoted to Deep Innovation, and includes ten articles which examine this theme from many angles, in domains from Nanotechnology to Food Tech and from Pharma to Materials Science. Articles include:



CIV is divided into Research Strands that each address an aspect of the venture ecosystem. The strand findings are compiled into dedicated Coller Venture Review issues. in 2015 we introduced two new strands. Below is a list of all CIV active strands:



Kindly consider joining as CIV member. Membership is free (for now 🙂 and allows access to all our resources (articles, conference presentations, videos, CFP, etc.).

To become a member of our community, please click here.



CIV: Nov-2015 Updates

November 18, 2015

Dear friend,

I am writing to share the latest CIV developments, activities, events and news.
  • Univenture2015 Workshop & Symposium, 16-Dec-2015, Tel Aviv University (Israel)
    • Univenture2015 aims to to trigger and share the thinking needed to further understand the risks and opportunities of 21st Century University Venture.
    • The day consists of two parts: Workshop open to invited stakeholders, and
      Symposium – a knowledge sharing event – open to the interested public.
    • View our program and speaker bios on the Univenture2015 website.
    • To purchase tickets, visit our registration page.
  • 2015 Venture Ecosystem Research Grants
    • We are now accepting proposals for up to three US$15,000 research grants.
    • Deadline for submission is December 1st, 2015.
  • 2016 Research Strand – Financial Models
    • CIV is looking for research and insights on financial models that fund new ventures such as crowd funding, loans, special corporate instruments, etc. We invite interested parties to propose ideas/directions to nathan.zeldes@collerinstituteofventure.org.
  • CIV2015HK: The Future of Venture Conference, 06-Nov-2015, Hong Kong
    • With over 100 people in attendance, 22 partners, 16 speakers and 3 co-events, the conference, which was co-organized by Cyberport, generated substantial dialogue and ideas. Thanks to our thought provoking speakers, panel discussions, and workshops, we generated new knowledge to serve future research initiatives.
    • Conference album, presentations, and speaker videos will be shared soon.
  • Recap: CIV Community Membership
    • Qualified friends can gain access to unique content such as publications, reports and other resources.
    • To become a member of our community, please click here.

Best regards,

Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan, Executive Director
Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University

CIV: Oct-2015 Announcement

October 21, 2015
Dear friend,

I am writing to share latest CIV developments, activities, events and news.
  • Coller Institute of Venture 2015 Research Award Winners (2015 Award Winners will present at CVI2015HK)
    • Grand Prize ($5,000):  Prof. Mark Humphery-Jenner; Jerry Cao; Jo-Ann Suchard
      “Government Ownership and Venture Performance in from China”
    • Runner-up ($1,000): Prof. Gang Hu; Chaopeng Wu; Thomas J. Chemmanur
      “High Differentiation and Low Standardization: The Role of Venture Capitalists in Transforming the Governance and Management of Family Firms”
    • Runner-up ($1,000): Dr. Xiru Zhang
      “Does Government-Sponsored Venture Capital Investment Crowd In Private Investment? Evidence from China”
Best regards,
Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan, Executive Director
Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University

CIV: Announcing Full Program for CIV2015HK

October 19, 2015

Dear friend,

I am pleased to announce the full program for CIV2015HK: The Future of Venture, 06-Nov-2015 in Hong Kong, an international research conference where academics and industry experts meet to discuss the future of venture.

Our program includes:

  • Comprehensive lineup of 15 leading international venture speakers
    • Nicholas Yang, Advisor to the Chief Executive on Innovation and Technology, The Government of The HKSAR
    • Volker Heisterman, Managing Director, Yushan Ventures
    • Dr. Robyn Klingler Vidra, King’s College London
    • Prof. Manhong Mannie Liu, Renmin University, China
    • Michael Bruck, HK Leader, Stanford Research Institute (SRI)
    • Prof. Kalok Chan, Dean, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Business School
    • Prof. Eli Talmor, London Business School
  • 06-Nov-2015 Highlights
    • Panel discussions incorporating geographical, policy, historical, and Limited Partners perspectives.
    • Post-event cocktail reception.
    • Relaxed and intimate atmosphere to allow ample opportunities for sharing, networking and 1-on-1 meetings.
  • 07-Nov-2015 Focused Co-Events
    • Innovation Workshop organized with the HK Government Chief Information Office, “From Service to Venture: How Innovation Can Transform E-Government Services” (Chaired by Ir Allen Yeung, Government Chief Information Officer).
    • Venture Research Workshop that will aim to generate new areas of venture research (Chaired by Dr. Robyn Klingler Vidra, Prof. Kalok Chan).
    • Hong Kong Venture Ecosystem Bus Tour organized by Yelites Association Limited, with presentations from Brinc, Nest, Infinity, Hong Kong Science Park, ESTRI, and more. Tour includes social dinner.
*Limited seating available
*Partner and promotional discounts are not valid for on-site registrationBest regards,Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan, Executive Director
Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University

CIV: Prof. Yesha Confirmed to Speak at AVCJ

October 12, 2015

Dear CIV member,

We are sending this announcement jointly with our partner, Asia Venture Capital Journal. Coller Institute is supporting the Asian Venture Capital Journal’s 28th Annual AVCJ Private Equity Forum 2015, taking place 3-5 November 2015. The event is the largest and most influential private equity gathering in Asia, attracting 1,000+ attendees including 170+ speakers and 310 + Limited Partners.

>> Visit the website for full details on the Forum

>> Register online here

We are excited to announce that Prof. Yesha Sivan, Executive Director of Coller Institute of Venture, is confirmed as a speaker.

Prof. Yesha Sivan, the Executive Director of the Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Management will speak at the 2015 AVCJ Venture Capital Summit on Tuesday 3 November, 11.45am – 12.30pm.
Session: The global dragon hunt: Tracking down tomorrow’s trailblazing entrepreneurs

>> View speaker details here

>> Download the full conference brochure here

Conference highlights – AVCJ Forum 2015:

  • Uncover the approach LPs take to initiate venture investing and source opportunities outside the usual name-brand funds
  • Hear the exit types, average multiples and volumes of activity expected over the next 12 month
  • Examine where the next Asian VC hub will emerge outside of China
  • Hear about the markets that will provide the greatest potential in terms of consumer demand for VCs to capture a global user base
  • Understand where you can find the future generation of entrepreneurs that will define the next era of innovation
  • Find out why now is an opportune time to start fundraising and how you can gain access to LPs

For more details about the conference agenda, download the brochure here


>> Book online here
>> Email your booking form to book@avcj.com
>> Call Customer Services on +852 3411 4844

As an active member of the venture capital community you cannot miss the chance to be part of Asia’s most prestigious gathering of your peers at this exciting time for the industry.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Forum in November.


Yasna Mostofi
Marketing Manager | AVCJ

Noa Mondrowicz
Marketing Director | CIV

>> The industry event will be followed by our venture research event, CIV2015HK: The Future of Venture on Friday 6-Nov-2015 www.collerinstituteofventure.org/civ2015hk/

CIV: International Conference – CIV2015HK: The Future of Venture

September 7, 2015

Dear friend,

We are pleased to invite you to CIV2015HK: The Future of Venture (6-7 Nov 2015 in Hong Kong). 

CIV2015HK is our flagship international conference, where leading venture thinkers and shapers from academia and industry will discuss the future of venture.

CIV2015HK latest highlights:

  • Key Speakers (Friday Nov-06):
    • Nicholas Yang, Innovation & Technology Advisor, HKSAR Government
    • Yoav Chelouche, Managing Partner, Aviv Venture Capital (On the Israeli Ecosystem)
    • Michael Bruck, HK Leader, Stanford Research Institute (SRI)l
    • Volker Heisterman, Managing Director, Yushan Ventures
    • Andy Yee, Senior Policy Analyst, Google.
  • Future Perspectives on Venture:
    • Historical – including 100 years of Venture
    • Geography – including Israel, Taiwan, China, and Silicon Valley
    • Policy– including a review of 44 public policy tools
    • LP and innovative model 
  • Co-Events (Saturday Nov-07):
    • HK GOV CIO Innovation Workshop – by invitation only
    • Venture Research Academic Workshop – including talks by CIV 2015 research awards winners
    • Hong Kong Venture Ecosystem Tour
  • Exclusive networking and meeting opportunities including Lunch and Cocktail Reception
  • Additional partners…
    • CUHK Business School – The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • SVCA – Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association
    • AVCJ – Private Equity and Venture Forum
  • Updated website with latest conference information (https://www.collerinstituteofventure.org/civ2015hk/).
* Get Early Bird Tickets by September 15.
* Get an extra 50% off for CIV Community members. Please contact noa@collerinstituteofventure.org for your code (membership is free on our web site top bar – join our community).


Location: Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Rd. HK
Dates: 06-07, Nov-2015
Time: 09:00-17:00


Key Speakers

Dr. Robyn K. Vidra
King’s College London
Nicholas Yang
HKSAR Goverment
Yoav Chelouche
Aviv Venture Capital
Michael Bruck
Stanford Research Institute (SRI)
Volker Heisterman
Yushan Ventures
Prof. Kaluk Chan
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. Manhong Liu
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sagi Karni
Israel Consulate in Hong Kong
Herman LAM
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Ltd.

See all CIV2015HK speakers

CIV2015HK Program


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CIV: 2015 CFP on Venture Ecosystem Research Grants

August 13, 2015

Dear friend,

We are now accepting proposals for up to three US$15,000 research grantsDeadline for submission is November 1st, 2015. 

With CIV research grants, we encourage and celebrate researchers (from academia, industry, and government) who are transforming the venture ecosystem through new knowledge. For example, past research grants were given in the following areas:

  • “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Open: Intellectual Property Strategy on Crowdfunding Platforms”
  • “Too successful to Innovate? Dynamic Entrepreneurial Reputation and Venture Capital”
  • “Is It Co-Evolution? The Story of the VC and New Venture Clean-tech Oriented Industries in the US”
  • “Searching for Opaque Investments: Portfolio Company Valuation and Ex-Ante Investment Incentives”
  • “Corporate Venture Capital and Productivity in Pharmaceutical-Biotechnology Companies”
  • “Venture Lending as an Alternative Source of Funding for Innovative Ventures”
  • …. read more about the winners in 2014 CIV Research Grant Winners

To learn more about CIV 2015 research grants, see our website … Main Menu > Grants > 2015 Research Grants

We recommend early communication so we can share feedback as needed. Please contact Odeya Pergament at: info@collerinstituteofventure.org

Feel free to forward this email to relevant parties.

Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan, Executive Director
Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University

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CIV: Call for Papers for Deep Innovation Publication

August 3, 2015

Dear friend,
We are now – until August 8th – accepting proposals for commissioned papers for the next issue of Coller Venture Review, focused on Deep Innovation.
To find out how you (or a relevant colleague) can contribute, contact Nathan Zeldes.

Deep Innovation is defined as inventions that stem from basic research or a scientific breakthrough. Unlike what we see in the ubiquitous Internet/Cyber/IT startups, deep innovation endeavors usually entail substantial resources and time to materialize (typically $10–100M and 5–20 years).

Notable examples can be found in the domains of:

  • Water Venture (see our workshop on this subject)
  • Nanotechnology (see lectures here)
  • Brain-tech (and here)
  • Materials
  • Food-tech
  • Name your own domain…

Learn more about Deep Innovation here.

Authors who contribute to Coller Venture Review, our flagship publication, have the opportunity to expose their thoughts to thousands of stakeholders in the Venture ecosystem.
Past issues of Coller Venture Review focused on Policy, and History of Venture. Sample articles from previous issues include: The Public Venture Policy Menu Apple’s DNA, and Key Insights From a Century of Venture.

Deep Innovation papers could address:

  • Challenges and solutions related to commercializing Deep Innovation;
  • Methodologies that can help such basic research cross over into successful businesses;
  • Case studies of actual implementations.

If interested, please contact our Associate Editor Nathan Zeldes, by August 8th, 2015.


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CIV: Save-the-Date: CIV2015HK

July 27, 2015

Location:Cyberport 1
100 Cyberport Rd.
Hong Kong Island

Save-the-Date CIV2015HK - Google Chrome


Dear friend,

The Coller Institute of Venture and Cyberport invite you to save-the-date for CIV2015HK: The Future of Venture, an annual international conference where academics and practitioners will reflect and discuss the future of venture.

To become a partner or co-host a side event, please contact Noa Mondrowicz, Marketing Director at noa@collerinstituteofventure.org

– Share latest developments in venture through best practices
– Discuss and reflect to generate new ideas and models
– Collaborate and network with exclusive venture leaders
  See full program

– Nicholas Yang, Innovation & Technology Advisor, HKSAR Gov.
– Michael Bruck, HK Leader, Stanford Research Institute (SRI)
– Amir Gal-Or, Managing Partner, Infinity Group
– Jeremy Coller, Executive Chairman and CIO
– Sagi Karni, Consul General of Israel in Hong Kong
– Dr. Robyn Klingler Vidra, Lecturer, King’s College London
– Prof. Manhong Liu, Professor, Renmin University, China
See full list…

– The Future of Venture
– Local Stories Revealed
– Policy Perspectives
– Limited Partner Perspectives

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CIV: 2015 Call for Awards

July 20, 2015

Dear friend,

We are now accepting submissions for the 2015 research awards
(US$5000 plus a funded trip to our conference CIV2015HK: The Future of Venture).

With CIV awards we recognize individuals (from academia, industry, and government) who are transforming the venture ecosystem through new knowledge. For example, 2014 awards were given in the following areas:
  • Lessons from Online Crowdfunding Pitches
  • The Alpha and Beta of Private Equity Investments
  • Management Experience and the Performance of Accelerators
  • Corporate Venture Capital, Technology Spillovers, and Capital Gains: Evidence from the Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • …. read more about the winners in CIV awards 2014
To learn more about CIV 2015 award see our web site … Main Menu > Awards > 2015 Awards call
(submission deadline: 15-Aug-2015).
Also, feel free to forward this email to relevant parties.

Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan, Executive Director
Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University

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Welcome to the Coller Institute of Venture (CIV)

July 15, 2015

Dear friend,

You are receiving this email because you have previously expressed interest in venture, or were referred to us as an actor in the global venture ecosystem.

The Coller Institute of Venture (CIV) is a research center committed to advancing the venture ecosystem. We act as a hub through developing and sharing venture knowledge.

We welcome scholars, investors, policy makers, limited partners, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and other interested parties as CIV friends.

As a CIV friend, you will receive periodic announcements about our knowledge development and sharing (see below overview).


Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan, Executive Director
Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University

P.S. Below is an overview of our latest knowledge development and sharing activities:

Knowledge Development:

  Knowledge Sharing: