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City Venture

Leader: Mr. Nathan Zeldes (Acting)
Time-frame: 2016 →

What we mean by City Venture

The City Venture strand will research the relationship between the city and ventures inside it (taken both individually and as an entire ecosystem). Here we define the essence of venture as the creation of new companies that develop ideas, innovations, and models, and turn them into businesses.

Potential research themes within the City Venture strand

  • Inception: how can a city encourage the creation of ventures within it, by applying correct policies and strategies?
  • Growth: how can a city nurture such ventures to grow and succeed? What infrastructure and environment are necessary?
  • Outcomes: what does the city gain from ventures inside it, and how can it maximize such benefits (to the city itself and to its residents, not only to the ventures)?
  • Symbiosis: how do the city and the ventures in it benefit each other, directly and indirectly (e.g. the dependence on and impact on local culture).
  • Enablers: what financial tools (public, crowdsourced or philanthropic) can help the city develop
    the required resources to improve quality of life?
  • Risks: how can ventures in a city fail, or cause harm to the urban fabric?
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