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CIV City Cases

As part of our research into City Venture, we present a variety of CIV City Cases, each devoted to a single city. These describe, in a standard format, the experience of each city in developing its venture ecosystem, with special attention to the strengths and weaknesses, key factors and institutions that affect the city’s success. They conclude with lessons – both good and cautionary – that can inform other cities as they evolve their strategy.

The CIV City Cases included were mostly written by authors residing in those cities, thereby trading objectivity for first-hand experience. The selection was determined by responses to our call for papers; we expect to extend it in future, and therefore invite submission of more cases.

If you have intimate knowledge of the venture ecosystem story of your city, please contact us at CityCase@civ.global to discuss converting it into a new CIV City Case.

CHENNAI, 1998–2015 (Coming soon)

From The Epicenter Of Small Business To Venture

by Prof. Thillai Rajan A. and Vikram Kapur

NEWARK NJ, 2014–2016 (Coming soon)

Implementation Of A Health It Cluster

by Michael Ehrlich

HONG KONG, 1997–2016

A Lackluster Pearl Of The Orient

by Flora Huang and Horace Yeung

SHENZHEN, 1979–2016

From Low-Tech To Hitech

by Flora Huang and Horace Yeung

JERUSALEM, 2012–2016

Building On Three Thousand Years Of Innovation

by Hanan Brand, Helen Wexler and Wendy Singer

RENO, 2000–2016 (Coming soon)

Rebranding A Tarnished Reputation

by Jack Wroldsen

SHANGHAI, 1999–2016 (Coming soon)

The Road To Venture And Innovation

by Zhao Jinshi, Li Tingting, Cao Wenjing and Xue Lili

TURIN, 2000–2016 (Coming soon)

The Blooming Of An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

by Federico Caviggioli and Elisa Ughetto

DÜSSELDORF, 2010–2016

Redefining Local Competitiveness

by Monika Hauck and Arjan Tupan

BERLIN, 2010–2016

How Berlin Rose To Become Europe’s Start-Up Hub

by Maxi Knust

TEL AVIV, 2010–2016 (Coming soon)

The Start-Up City Of The Start-Up Nation

by Hila Oren