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Deep Innovation

Leader: Nathan Zeldes
Time-frame: 2015 →

The “deep innovation” research strand will be the focus of a future issue of Coller Venture Review.

Deep innovation describes inventions that are enabled by basic research or scientific breakthrough. It usually entails substantial resources and may take years (10-15), if not decades, to materialize. The profile of cutting-edge innovation in the energy, life sciences, or space exploration sectors offers some notable illustrations.

We will explore how to turn long-term innovations into viable ventures (both from the investment and innovation points of views).  Hopefully in the process we will also create deep innovations as we connect deep science with long-term funding in order to create new companies.

Read more about deep Innovation in issue #3 of Coller Venture Review, which is devoted to Deep Innovation.

The issue includes ten articles which examine this theme from many angles, in domains from Nanotechnology to Food Tech and from Pharma to Materials Science. The authors come from backgrounds as diverse as academia, industry and venture capital. Between them they share success stories and lessons learned, which can also inform and enlighten readers from other fields.

On May 19th, 2014 we held a workshop focused on deep innovation. The main goal of this workshop was to bring together people from across the world that can reflect on the ecosystem of deep innovation ventures. We collaborated with the head of the Nano effort in Tel Aviv University (Prof. Yael Hanein) and the head of the brain effort in TAU (Prof. Uri Ashery) to develop the case studies for the workshop – 8 projects, each representing a deep innovation.

We invite you to check out the individual videos in which each scientist describes their deep innovation: ‘Nano’ Talks

Prof Ady Arie – Shaping electrons using nano-scale masks http://youtu.be/6-fZM4hgujo?list=PLAdiF3lK9sTO2nzI-ZAcMBYm1AFw9cHh4

Dr Dalit Landesman – Revolutionary technology for osteoarthritis based on collagomers  http://youtu.be/siFw3oPsKgw?list=PLAdiF3lK9sTO2nzI-ZAcMBYm1AFw9cHh4

Prof Yossi Rosenwaks – Electrostatically formed nanowires   http://youtu.be/TbSvW3vlMdk?list=PLAdiF3lK9sTO2nzI-ZAcMBYm1AFw9cHh4

‘Brain’ Talks

Prof Nathan Intrator – Advanced brain signal processing http://youtu.be/Whdqxz1QloQ

Prof Uri Nevo – Smartphone based platform for monitoring psychiatric disordershttp://youtu.be/ZOBNikYQ43U

Dr Noam Shomron – Deep innovation via deep sequencing http://youtu.be/jojVxZoVRx8

Prof Danny Michaelson – Development of anti-apoE4 directed treatment for Alzheimer’s disease  http://youtu.be/MQrxd-e6mxM

Dr Inna Slutsky – A novel approach to cure Alzheimer’s disease by altering spiking patterns using brain stimulation http://youtu.be/uiaTj-XhRWk

Also, for a more general discussion of deep innovation, we invite you to check out the talks given by:

Prof Yesha Sivan – The venture ecosystem and its impact on deep innovation http://youtu.be/WNBbuI30WaI

Prof Yossi Rosenwaks – Nano introduction http://youtu.be/fmvx61LVHSg?list=PLAdiF3lK9sTO2nzI-ZAcMBYm1AFw9cHh4

Prof Uri Ashery  – Brain introduction http://youtu.be/SzvOy6Jm_fA



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