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History of Venture

Leader: Prof. Eli Talmor
Time-frame: 2014 →

The study of history in itself is valuable in any domain. Certainly, in an evolving field like venture, history can provide ideas, lessons, and caveats. For an insightful overview of this strand, we invite you to check out Professor Eli Talmor’s presentation at the Deep Innovation Workshop at the MIXiii Conference, 19th May, 2014 entitled “Observations from 100 Years of Venture”.

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Coller Venture Review, History of VentureIssue 2 - history issue - COVER

History of Venture was the focus of our second Coller Venture Review issue, entitled History of Venture. The issue reveals key insights from a history of venture, giving us a framework whereby we can evaluate past, present, and – most critically – design the future of venture. It presents six articles that explore venture’s historical developments in various thematic and geographical contexts. Included is the History of Venture (CIVHOV) database, which outlines a century of compelling events that impacted not only the world of venture, but the world as we know it.


CIV History of Venture Database

At the core of the institute’s History research strand, is the History of Venture (CIVHOV) database. Unlike previous reviews that focus on technological innovation, the CIV History of Venture database is arguably the first effort in venture research that aims to build and maintain a database of key related events. Looking back over the past hundred years, from the time of the start of the First World War we consider the drivers and influences on venture that gave rise to the plethora of innovations and the great companies that championed such advances. We attempt to give weight to the “why” and not just the “what” in venture.

Below you will find the link to the database in its entirety. Of course these insights are just a start. The true value of our ongoing work is in enabling the main actors of the venture ecosystem (policymakers, institutional investors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs) to gain a unique creative direction for their endeavors. It is intended to create a lively and productive dialog across the venture ecosystem. We invite comments, corrections, suggested new entries (be sure to explain your rationale for these), and anything else you wish to share. Write to us at HOV@collerinstituteofventure.org

CIV History of Venture Database
CIV History of Venture Database




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