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Research: The Extent and Evolution of Pension Funds’ Private Equity Allocations

Adveq and the Coller Institute of Private Equity at London Business School cordially are hosting the first public discussion of the initial applied research report under the Adveq Applied Research Series at London Business School on Tuesday 14 January 2014 at the London Business School campus in London.


The research The Extent And Evolution Of Pension Funds’ Private Equity Allocations by Florin Vasvari, Associate Professor of Accounting and Eli Talmor, Professor of Accounting at London Business School is the first research report has been completed under Adveq Applied Research Series. This paper provides a comparative analysis of capital allocations to the private equity asset class across a broad global sample of private and public pension funds. An important feature of this analysis is that it is based on data directly collected from the pension funds’ annual reports, thus avoiding data biases reflected in industry reports which rely on self-reported survey data on private equity allocations.

To read the full invitation, please visit here.

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