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Our favourite Venture Journals – What are yours? 我们最喜爱的风投期刊,你的最爱呢?

CIV-Community-6我们最喜爱的风投期刊,你的最爱呢?We have created a Venture Journals page as a resource for the Coller Institute of Venture community. Nine key journals relating to the venture ecosystem were selected by academic members of Coller Institute Community. When you want to quickly survey the latest research this portal will help you find the most relevant publications.

For example, if you go into the Journal of Business Venturing you will find an article in the latest issue (May 2015) describing a study investigating the significance of genetics in determining if you have the personality traits associated with being a successful entrepreneur. According to Shane and Nicolaou, there is indeed a substantial genetic element.

Perhaps one day in the future, instead of listening to an elevator pitch, VCs will just sequence your genome to find out if you are likely to generate a return on investment!

Here is the list of our 9 favourite Venture Journals:

Venture Capital

The Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

The Journal of Business Venturing

The Journal of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Journal of Alternative Investments

The Journal of Private Equity

The International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research

The International Journal of Innovation Management

We are keen to know if you think we should add other journals to this list.  Send us an email with your favourite Venture Journals to this address: info@collerinstituteofventure.org

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