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Stanford’s Univenture Secret Sauce Embracing Risk, Ambiguity and Collaboration

What is the secret of Silicon Valley’s success? Hint: it’s all in the attitude

Silicon Valley is world famous for its successful ventures, from the world-changing invention of the microelectronics industry by Fairchild and Intel to Google’s meteoric success.

This situation is in turn closely tied to Stanford university’s influence. Ms. Ku, who as Executive Director of the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) at Stanford has first-hand experience with this success story,  shows us it’s all about the unique culture and attitude that formed in the valley.

Stanford is a university that revolutionized a valley that revolutionized a world – and understanding what made this possible is critical to any Univenture stakeholder.

Following an overview of the valley’s engagement with technology and venture, this article pinpoints the key factors behind this success story:

  • High tolerance for risk, experimentation, and failure
  • Collaboration among entrepreneurial programs on campus
  • Maximizing the licensing of multiple technologies through flexibility and negotiator empowerment

The Stanford secret sauce is a blend of these factors, and the results have changed the way you live and work – which is another story.

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About the Author:

Katharine Ku – Executive Director, Office of Technology Licensing, Stanford University