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TAU ranked among top producers of Startups

TAU graduates among the most successful in the world at securing American funding for new companies, according to new data.

Tel Aviv University ranks among a handful of elite universities that turn out entrepreneurs capable of attracting big American funding, a new study publicly available on the Internet shows. And it’s the only non-American university in the top tier.
In a list of the 16 universities that produce the most startups founded with American venture capital, TAU is 15th, just below Princeton University and tied with Duke University. Stanford University tops the list with 193 startups to its name, while Harvard University is a distant second with 120.
TAU President Prof. Joseph Klafter welcomed the findings, saying, “They are a testament to the innovation and entrepreneurship that permeates TAU culture.”
The numbers come from CrunchBase, the online database behind the popular TechCrunch technology business websites. They were analyzed and published by blogger Max Woolf of Minimaxir, who covers startups, technology and blogging with a statistical bent.
For further info, please visit http://english.tau.ac.il/impact/techcrunch.

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