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The Coller School of Management Inaugurated at Tel-Aviv University Jeremy Coller, CIV Founder, Donated $50 Million for Research, Study Programs and Teaching at the School


科勒管理学院在特拉维夫大学落成 Jeremy Coller, founder of the Coller Institute of Venture, has donated $50 million to the Tel-Aviv University School of Management. The incredibly generous donation was allocated for research and development, study programs and teaching. On May 19, 2016, the new Coller School of Management was inaugurated in a ceremony attended by Coller and his family, TAU leadership, faculty members and the CIV team.

Tel Aviv University President Joseph Klafter said, “Jeremy Coller’s donation is on an extremely significant scale. It will help leverage the internationally renowned large-scale and high-quality teaching, research, and development by the School of Management. We thank Mr. Coller for recognizing the importance of research and teaching in management and his expression of confidence in our researchers.”

Coller, the founder of Coller Capital, one of the world’s leading private secondary capital funds, was awarded an honorary doctorate by TAU in 2012, for his work at the global capital market. In 2013 he founded the Coller Institute of Venture within the framework of the School of Management. Tel Aviv University said that Coller was an entrepreneur with imagination and vision in the development of private capital funds, and had contributed to entrepreneurship and innovation as means of strengthening the economy.

During the inauguration ceremony, a Q&A with the faculty and research staff was held, where Coller expressed his vision for the School’s future – to become an internationally renowned global hub of venture and innovation. “LBS is known for its expertise in private equity,” he said, “and Wharton is for finance. The Coller School of Management should be first in the world in venture.” Dean Moshe Zviran replied, assuring Coller that the school’s MBA program aims to become one of the Top-5 programs in the world. “With the help of this donation,” Zviran added, “we can expand and recruit more researchers and teachers as part of the project of bringing academics back to Israel, which we started a decade ago. In this project, we have already hired dozens of Israeli and foreign researchers in a broad ranges of specialties from leading overseas universities.”

In an interview given at the CIV Kickoff Event in 2013, Jeremy Coller has spoken of the key ingredients required to fix the venture ecosystem – funding, government policy and technology translation from institutional research to business. The Coller Institute of Venture serves as a global hub influencing the worldwide venture ecosystem through its research strands. Coller has further elaborated on his vision for the institute and the future of venture in an editorial authored by him jointly with CIV Chairman, Eli Talmor, in the Policy Issue of Coller Venture Review.

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