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The Global Unicorns Universe

Aileen Lee ‘s Unicorn Club trend article gets a lot of attention when TechCrunch released the ground breaking analysis, Welcome To The Unicorn Club: Learning From Billion-Dollar Startups in November 2013. We followed the Unicorn Club and its related articles including A Unicorn? In Israel? by Noam Bardin from Waze, and Fred Wilson followed with his own post The Billion Dollar Valuation Club, noting primarily that Aileen’s list of 39 companies was US and Silicon Valley centric, and missing several other companies, according to William Mougayar in his article about Global Unicorns.

William Mougayar poured over more than 500 companies, and compiled the following list of global startups that were founded since 2000, and with market valuations over $250 million. There are 232 companies. William Mougayar’s list is way beyond the initial TechCrunch unicorn list. It includes private, public and acquired companies.

by country

To see the completed list, please visit here.

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