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VCs or Angels – Who’s More Important for New Ventures? Prof. Sophie Manigart (Vierick Business School) Explains

manigart风险投资和天使投资——孰对新的创业公司更重要?An angel investor is an experienced man or woman willing to invest in early-stage businesses, whereas a venture capitalist is a company or business, rather than an individual.

So who invests more, angels or VCs? Prof. Sophie Manigart, from the Vlerick Business School in Belgium, explains, “It depends on what you’re talking about, if you’re talking money wise, then obviously venture capital investors have deep pockets and they invest more money. If you’re talking about interaction and time, then business angels are also extremely important. They work very closely with the ventures that they invest in.”

Prof. Manigart spoke at the Deep Innovation workshop held by CIV in 2014. In her interview, she said that venture capitalists are needed to support deep innovation and businesses that require long investment periods and big amounts of money because few business angels are able to support a whole innovation process of big ventures. When lower amounts of funds are required, business angels may be the solution.

Watch the panel discussion featuring Prof. Manigart, Prof. Steven Schachter (CIMIT), Dr. Simone Botti and Mr. Barak Ben-Eliezer.

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