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We need your help!!


About the project:

This project aims to create a free-access, free-content and free-edit database on the history of venture in the past one hundred years. It hopes to open a dynamic and engaging worldwide community for scholars, professionals, scientists, and students.

In order to publish the first online version, we would like to collect opinions from peers with less discipline bias. We believe with your help, we could achieve and cover more aspects such as innovation, geopolitics and so on.

About Coller Institute of Venture Database:

The research of Coller Institute of Venture is divided into strands. Each strand addresses an aspect of the venture ecosystem on several levels and from various perspectives. One strand is the history of venture and a key research initiative is development of a database compiling events considered significant to the history of venture over the past hundred years, starting from the First World War.

Current events in database: https://www.collerinstituteofventure.org/history/

Of note, the structure for each entry in the database comprises the following mandatory fields, as defined here.

Our Request:

  • Select specific events relating to your area of ​​expertise and give us feedback on how they are described.
  • Let us know if there are events relating to your are of expertise that you think should not be included in the database.
  • Let us know if there are events relating to your area of expertise that you recommend adding to the database.
  • Of course, additional comments on any subject are welcome.

Please write your feedback here: link to spreadsheet – TBD