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Why Apple’s Promotion of Ive, and McKinsey’s Acquisition of Lunar are Pivotal to Venture 设计——企业发展新动力 苹果乔纳森晋升首席设计官, 麦肯锡收购 Lunar 设计公司

apple-design设计——企业发展新动力 苹果乔纳森晋升首席设计官, 麦肯锡收购 Lunar 设计公司

Design is a central component to Apple’s competitive advantage. Their design team, led by Jonathan Ive, has become known as an engine for ingenuity; creating products and platforms that take user experience to a new, and stunning, level.

Consistent with Apple recognizing design as a value creator, CEO Tim Cook announced that Ive, the design mastermind of the iPhone and iPad, will be promoted from Senior Vice President of Design to the newly created position of Chief Design Officer. In his new capacity, his design responsibilities will expand beyond hardware and software, to Apple stores, packaging, and offices.

With companies like Apple transforming the importance of design, more companies are following suit by both incorporating design considerations into their digital infrastructures, as well as into their business strategy. Mckinsey just announced its acquisition of design company Lunar. This development represents a move towards a design oriented focus, where the user experience, visà-vis the digital infrastructure, is causing big companies to rethink business models.

Mckinsey in its capacity as a consulting firm understands that design has become integral to organizational success. There is a growing trend towards optimizing user experience through design; and Apple has been the trend setter.

To read more about Apple’s technology and inventor network, download André Vermeij’s article, Apple’s DNA that was published in our latest Venture Finding’s History Issue.

To learn more about how design and technology are changing the way we live, work, and play, see the special Design Issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, devoted to ideas and discoveries generated at the third annual design conference, held on Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

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