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Women VCs and CEOs: few and far between

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職場中女性成為風投家及總裁並不常見 Given the wealth of research indicating the importance of diversity in top management, the latest Diana report titled “Women Entrepreneurs 2014: Bridging the Gender Gap in Venture Capital”  recommends institutional investors to demand that VCs include women partners and invest in more businesses with women on the team.

You don’t need research and a report to know that women are under represented both as VC partners and CEOs. What is shocking is the starkness of the statistics:

  • The total number of women partners in venture capital firms has declined significantly since 1999 from 10% to 6%
  • 85% of companies receiving venture capital during 2011-2013 did not have a woman on the executive team
  • Only 183 out of the 6,517 companies receiving venture capital funding in this time period had a woman CEO (less than 3%)

Fortunately, there is some reason to be optimistic:

  • In 1999 fewer than 5% of all venture capital investments were allocated to businesses with a woman on the executive team and this figure has risen to 15%
  • Various programs have been launched to identify and train women entrepreneurs since 1999
  • The venture capital firms that do invest in teams with women entrepreneurs are performing better when investment outcomes are considered
  • There is a growing number of top women VCs who are starting their own venture firms (see here for more on this)

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