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Yale Entrepreneurial Institute launches new VC Advisors Program

This fall, the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute is launching a new program for graduate and professional school students interested in financing and evaluating student startups. The program is called VC Advisors—short for Venture Creation Advisors—but the VC works in the more traditional sense, too. Selected students will get hands on experience in reviewing the market viability of student ventures, simulating a VC experience. They will help select and fund a portfolio of student ventures in YEI’s Venture Creation Program and support these early stage venture teams by guiding them toward more resources and funding opportunities within YEI.

YEI has been developing and expanding its Venture Creation Program since it launched this past year. Student venture teams in the program have an initial concept and are given up to $2,500 to further research and develop their idea. Now, working one-on-one with established venture capitalists, VC Advisors will help direct these funds and guide the startups’ development. VCP teams come from schools across Yale, and can represent any industry from software to clean energy to healthcare and consumer goods.

For more information, please see the website.

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