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Coller Institute of Venture

Bridging Theory and Practice in Venture, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

The Coller Institute of Venture aims to be pre-eminent in combining practice with theory in the fields of venture, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The core activities of the Institute are to sponsor research, education, and outreach programs that are impactful on a global scale. Among our aims is that the best practices we articulate help to more reliably scale new entrepreneurial ventures into mature operating companies.

The Coller Institute of Venture, as part of the larger Coller Venture Ecosystem, is composed of three core pillars: The Coller Venture Review; the Coller Startup Competition; and the Coller Ignite Club.

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Coller Venture Review

The Coller Venture Review combines theory with practice in the areas of venture, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Across changing technology paradigms and industries, we draw on the insights and expertise of a range of scholars, leaders, and thinkers. Our articles continue to articulate emerging trends, extract generalizable themes, and lend insights associated with the codification of new ways of thinking linked to action in new venture creation.

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Smart Mobility Meets Sustainability

Ola Källenius

Ola Källenius

Chairman of Daimler AG,
Head of Mercedes-Benz

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Coller Startup Competition

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Coller Ignite Entrepreneurship Club

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